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Masalimuot Ya Tiyagew Ed Dayat (2021)

Masalimuot Ya Tiyagew Ed Dayat (2021)

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Watch Masalimuot Ya Tiyagew Ed Dayat Full Movie Two lads, best friends since childhood reunite at the beach but as their bond gets stronger they are reminded of their fears to a mythical creature inherent in the place.Masalimuot Ya Tiyagew Ed Dayat Free Download Link 2021

Luis, a graduating student from Manila visits his hometown and reunites with his close friends Federico and Levi. Spending time together on the beach stirred Federico which made him confused and anxious since he started to develop feelings for Luis. The isolated environment creates an opportunity for Federico to show his forbidden desire with his longtime friend.

Both intoxicated from alcohol they started dancing. The music shuffles into a slow song and they hold hands. Federico slowly puts his arm around Luis’ waist when the music stops. Luis appears to have been caught off guard by the gesture. To his surprise, he abruptly pushes himself away while Federico out of awkwardness goes swimming to cut the tension. Will Luis allow himself to dive in curiosity and follow Federico’s footsteps?

Now on the cusp of adulthood, their story is a tale of two male friendships that deal with challenging notions of toxic masculinity and reflect on personal struggles of discovering one’s true self.

Written and Directed by: Jan Carlo Ortiz Natividad
Starring: Kych Minemoto, Zeiah Mejia, Jal Galang




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