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Izla (2021)

Izla (2021)

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Watch Izla Full Movie Tagalog A group of female vloggers visits an infamous Forbidden Island for their video content. Little did they know that the island is inhabited by zombies Badong (Paolo Contis) and Entoy (Archie Alemania) were two brothers working odd jobs for tips in a beach resort. They desperately needed more money to pay off major family debts. When Badong learned that his favorite sexy vloggers, the V-Sisters,

Izla Online Free Download Link Filikula were scouting for a major prank idea, he suggested that he could take them to Forbidden Island, fabled for being the home of deadly ninjas since the Japanese occupation. When the sisters accepted his offer, they were in for an insane adventure beyond any of their expectations.

During their stay, the five girls hear about the infamous “Forbidden Island”, located somewhere near the town. This island so remote that Mayor Anding has banned all travel to it. The girls ask Badong and Entoy to bring them there so that they can produce a prank video to trick their Vlog’s viewers into thinking that they got lost while on vacation. Badong and Entoy agree to the girls’

request, provided that they get ample payment for their services. Upon reaching the island, the group discover that weird and horrific experiments were done to the island’s former residents; turning them into bloodthirsty zombies. The supposedly prank video project has now become a real-life race to escape the island with their lives. Will they be able to outwit, outlast and escape the zombies or will they become new members of the living dead?




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